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those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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KNOW Magazine Volume 8, Issue 2



Furloughs: On our own terms.When furloughs hit the employees of the Richmond County public schools, members of the local Association decided to take action. Find out how RCAE influenced the implementation of furloughs.
The Road Ahead. The Georgia Association of Educators has a long history of standing up for the needs of public educators and their students. The 2010 Legislative Session will be no different. During the 40 days of the 2010 Legislative Session, GAE will continue to advocate for each of our four major legislative priorities. To that end, GAE has developed six initiatives, or plans for advocacy, that we will work to attain this legislative session.



President's Letter

Association ALERTS

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join you at the Georgia Capitol on January 23, 2010. We're rallying for funding for public education. See you there.
Discover new and interestingresources. Apply for ascholarship or grant.Check out five really cool websites.
Money is tight. But all hope is not lost. Discover where you can find money and resources for you, your students, and your school. There is money to be had. You just have to know where to look and what to do.

People & Places to Know

See photos of GAE's 40th Fall Representative Assembly and hear from GAE Executive Director Chris Turner.
Know your rights with GAE's Legal Q&A.You ask. We answer. See what is--and what isn't--legal with GAE's Legal Q&A. Read about the latest GAE legal victories.
Take the lead in your GAE.Nominations are now being accepted. Be a delegate to the NEA RA summer 2010.

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