GAE exists to support, protect, and strengthen
those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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GAE Elections and Voting
By the Membership, For the Membership

GAE always has been controlled by its diverse statewide membership—making it an organization that truly repesents the concerns of you - the certfied professional, the support professional, and the future teacher. From this varied membership comes the Representative Assembly, the highest governing body within the organization. Delegates elected to the Representative Assembly are based on one delegate for every 35 members from each of the 186 local GAE-affiliated associations. The chosen delegates convene to adopt GAE's policies and resolutions and to finalize GAE's priorities and budget for the following year.

That is why is it vitally important that you -- the member, keep abreast of the Association issues and voice your concerns to your individual delegates who represent you in the voting process.

Please take a moment to peruse and study any notices on election issues and nominations that will ultimately set the tone and direction of your Association.

GAE 2016 Special Election Result: District Three Director
GAE District Three Director  -  Special Election (terms begin October2016 and end July 2018) ·         Wayne Huston
2015 NEA RA Delegates and Alternates
DELEGATES Category 1 State-At-Large Delegates District One 1. Rebecca S. Caraway2. Juanita Foster3. Toni Jaska4. Ronda Ware5. Shirley White6. Stephen Williams District Two 1. Charlotte Booker2. Sid Chapman3. Patrick Crabtree4. Maria Grovner5. Deborah J. E. Howard6. Annette McCraw
2015 Student GAE Election Results
2015-16 GAE Student Officers:President- Janine HardsonPresident Elect- Kalo OglesbyAt-Large Director- Phillip PrinceExecutive Committee Member- Aaron Johnson Student Spring RA Delegates: Malon FullerLatia ChambersJanine HardsonHeather LoweAaron JohnsonPhillip Prince
Delegates and Alternates for the 2014 NEA Representative Assembly
Elected State-At-Large Category One Delegates   District One 1.Jim Barrett2.Juanita Foster3.Nancy Elaine Johnson4.Cynthia J. Lay5.Shirley White6.Stephen Williams District Two 1.Cynthia Alston2.Charlotte Booker3.Patrick Crabtree4.Deborah J. E. Howard5.Annette McCraw6.Peggy Smith-Mitchell7.Mi
2014 GAE Election Results
(Will take office July 2014) GAE President: Dr. Sid Chapman GAE Vice President: Charlotte Booker GAE Secretary-Treasurer: Lisa Morgan GAE ESP Director At-Large: Peggy Smith-Mitchell Elected GAE District Two Directors •Maria Grovner•Deborah A. Jones•Ramon Reeves Elected GAE District
Election stuff
Proposed Resolutions and Amendments for the 2013 Spring RA 2013 Proposed Resolutions Amendment Re: Standing Committees Amendment Re: Conflict of Interest Amendment Re: Ethnic-Minority Guarantees
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