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Purge and Verification Help Menu
First Time Users
If this is your first time using the system, we suggest that you read through the Help section below.
The Following are HELP TOPICS
Purge Overview
The Online Purge/Verification process is designed to replace the paper system that was used in the past to request changes in member information and status. The Online process will be faster and more accurate.
Purge & Verification Change Report
This report lists only members with changes that were made using the Online Purge/Verification screens described below:
- Association Representatives (ARs) can only see members within their school.
- Local Association Presidents (LAPs) and others (such as Treasurers) can only view members within their Local.
Roster for Association Representatives
This screen allows ARs to view a Roster of members within their school.
Roster for Uniserv Directors and Center Staff
This screen allows you to view a Roster of members within your area. You may view members by school or alphabetically. The system will recognize you and display a list of Locals for you to select and view.
(You may only view not change member information through your screens.)
Roster for LAPs, Membership Chairs, and Treasurers
This screen allows you to view a roster of members within your Local. You may view Members by school or alphabetically. If changes are needed, then this screen allows you to access the Purge/Change Member Information screen to capture status changes or the Member Profile screen to capture profile changes.
(Both of these screens are described below.)
Using the "Purge Member or Change Member Information" screen
This screen allows you to input status changes such as a Pay Code change or Transfer, or to mark a Member to be Purged since they are no longer a member in your Local.
(Note: ARs are not allowed to purge/cancel members' records.)
Using the Member Profile screen
This screen allows you to update a member's Profile (basic information).
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