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Legal Wins
Since its inception, GAE's Legal Services Division and Field Services Division have continually earned a strong reputation for fighting for members' due process rights. The following are recent wins on behalf of members who experienced work-related disputes and problems. 


Certification Victory

A GAE member was charged with violating the Code of Ethics when she sent a “political” fax over a school district fax machine. Local school board policy prohibited all use of school property for personal reasons. However, GAE’s network attorney presented sworn testimony that the Board policy did not strictly enforce its policy regarding the use of school property, particularly with regard to telephones and fax machines. The attorney also showed the district has a policy allowing employees to engage in partisan political activities during the school day, as long as they satisfy certain criteria. The policy further encourages employees to exercise full rights of citizenship in the community during off duty hours. The PSC also failed to present any evidence that educator’s conduct somehow diminished the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession. 

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