GAE exists to support, protect, and strengthen
those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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KNOW Magazine Volume 6 Issue 4



How & Why GAE Chooses Political Candidates. There are more than 1.6 million children in Georgia public schools. They're depending on us to look out for them. This is a responsibility we take very seriously when we endorse candidates. Ever wonder what candidates have to do to secure GAE's endorsement? Now you can find out.


The New Era of GAE. As GAE nears its 40th anniversary, our Association embarks on a brave new journey. Discover how Targets of Opportunity throughout the state are helping GAE fulfill its mission in exciting new ways.


The Code of Ethics for Educators. Every Georgia educator is governed by a code of conduct, or code of ethics. Join GAE as we explore Georgia's Code of Ethics for Educators created and maintained by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission




President's Letter



Know & Tell

News you can certainly use. Discover helpful websites and get the scoop on upcoming grants and scholarships programs. Check out the characteristics of an effective team.



Know It All

Do you know what to do in the case of a false profile on MySpace? Find out what is—and what isn’t—legal on that and more with GAE's Legal Q&A. Read about the latest GAE legal victories. Don't forget to check out photos from recent events with Happenings.



People to Know

Meet Mary LaCue Booker (a.k.a. La Q), teacher, former paraprofessional, mother, actress, dancer, motivational speaker, and aspiring rap artist with an inspiring message.

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