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2018-2019 Purge Roster Verification
A summary of the process is as follows:
A. Presidents, Treasurers and Membership Chairs will be able to update a member's profile and
indicate to GAE to either cancel or transfer an individual’s membership.
B. Association Representatives (ARs) can only view their school’s roster and update a member's profile data.
The AR will need to inform the President, Treasurer or Membership Chair of any Cancellations or status changes.

The process of membership purge/verification through the GAE Website has certain guidelines.
These include:
(a.) The on-line website process for purge/verification is available year-round.
(b.) Locals can see an updated roster immediately.
(c.) Monday of each week is when the GAE web rosters are actually updated.
The rosters are updated using the most current data from GAE’s membership system.
Thank you for your participation.
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