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those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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An American Education Week Op-Ed
The following was recently sent to newspaper editorial departments throughout Georgia:   It seems as if America has forgotten the critical role our public schools have played in its greatness and the role they must continue to play to keep us strong in this new world order. It bears repeating
AJC Editorial on Collective Bargaining
The following editorial was published in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution on Saturday, February 27, 2011 as part of their Pro/Con series.   “When private sector employees sit down to discuss conditions of employment, they are in essence negotiating. In the public sector, it’s called colle
GAE Letter-to-the-Editor on
The following is a Letter-to-the-Editor rebuttal to a recent article by Judge Marvin S. Arrington Sr. that appeared in the Fulton County Daily Report.  The 'Report' is Fulton County's official legal organ and Georgia's leading source for legal news and information.   Editor in C
Letter to the editor: Tenure
The following is a repsonse to a July 20, 2009 Atlanta Journal and Constitution op-ed entiltled ( End tenure, improve teaching):   July 23, 2009 Letter to the Editor Atlanta Journal and Constitution   To whom it may concern:   John Marshall’s (End Tenure, improve teaching) is
An ‘open letter’ to Georgia's teachers
An ‘open letter’ to Georgia's teachers By Dick Yarbrough, June 10, 2009 Congratulations on completing — no, make that “surviving” — another year in Georgia’s public schools. As some of you know, I have a son and a son-in-law who are high school science teachers. I don’t know why they — and you
Press Release 5-12-09 on the Governor’s Veto of Senate Bill 178by Representative Fran Millar, Vice Chairman of the House Education Committee   On May 11 Governor Perdue vetoed SB178 - Education; advance funding, exceptional growth, low-wealth capital outlay grants; embed/extend a sunset date
GAE Op-ed on Vouchers
The following op-ed on the voucher issue was sent to Georgia newspapers on Feb. 11, 2009.     It stands to reason that as lines at the unemployment office and the Department of Human Services increase, so will enrollment at Georgia’s public schools as parents shore up the family budget
Bll Shipp Needs Some Schooling
To whom it may concern:   There goes Bill Shipp again irrationally making a statement about how every Georgia teacher, oh excuse me, let me use his word for educators, “nitwit,” is against any type of education reform (Talk of reform much cheaper than solutions, 12-10-08). Besides Shipp’s obv
President Hubbard's AJC Op-ed on Teacher Attraction and Retention
The following is the complete unedited text of the Op-ed sent to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution which appeared in edited form on September 14, 2008.   The recent mid-career and second career teachers studies released by The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation substan
A Letter to the Editor: Keep the Promise.
 Dear Editor: We’re in a state budget crisis to be sure. Georgia is facing a $600 million budget shortfall. (Predictions for the current budget year paint a disturbing picture of as much as a $2 billion deficit.) Clearly action is needed. So as our legislators struggle to figure out how to de
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