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those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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Position Papers
Each year, the Georgia Association of Educators takes positions on various issues affecting public education. Many of these positions are used as testimonials before various committees -- such as the Georgia House of Representatives Education Committee or the Georgia Senate Retirement Committee. When the members of GAE take a position on an important issue position papers are drafted and distributed to key policy makers. Below are the Association's latest, up-to-date positions.
01. Race To The Top Initiative - Phase Two
02. Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness
03. Vouchers Deplete Public School Resources
04. Attracting And Retaining Quality Educators
05. Evaluations & Peer Review
06. Tiered Certification
07. Smaller Class Size Means Higher Level of Achievement
08. Issues Impacting Education Support Professionals
09. Student Testing
10. Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans
11. Mentoring Makes the Difference
12. Strenghtening the Grievance Procedure
13. Duty-free Planning and Lunchtime
14. Art, music, physical education, and foreign language
15. Assist Schools with the Greatest Challenges
16. Site-based decision-making improves student learning
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