GAE exists to support, protect, and strengthen
those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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Helping You On The Frontline
As a certified professional…You are fighting the good fight in order to see the profession and public education continue to fulfill its mandate as the great equalizer of our democracy. Your continued hard work and vision ensure that our society will always have representation from every walk of life participating in our country's great democratic experiment. GAE, as an organization by and for its membership, lives and practices those democratic principles every day.
This section will be a resource for you to help cope with the stress and strains that naturally come hand in hand with being on the frontline.
As new reources become available they will made added in order to help you do that most important of jobs --educate our future.
Please feel free to let us know of resources we may have overlooked which you think will be of help to your colleagues.
We welcome your suggestions.

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8 Teacher Truths
by Amanda Krempa Schripsemaon Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 6:13am the fact that I am looney these days. Maybe the lack of sleep or the amount of stress I'm under is forcing my fingers to strike the keys of
Be Prepared for Your First Evaluation
Now that you have a brand new job and are ready to start the new year, what guarantees do you have that you will be asked to return next year?  Under the new A+ Education Reform Act of 2000, teachers employed after July 1, 2000 will not earn continuing contract status, and will be subject to di
Within the first few weeks of school, there will be many new demands made of you: new texts, new students, new techniques, new schedules, and a new way of life. It is an exciting as well as stressful time for new teachers. In the midst of all this excitement, you may notice some physical and emotion
Conference Tips
1.    Invite both parents. But, be sure to find out first if a student comes from a single-parent home and if both parents should be invited.   2.    Contact parents early in the year. Outline your curriculum and expectations and let parents know how they ca
Helping students to govern their own behavior in ways that help them learn is a long-standing goal of all teachers. There are a number of ways in which a teacher can promote good discipline in the class room.   Know school guidelines for discipline procedures.   Be fair, positive and c
How to beat the first day jitters
Plan the drive to school. If you plan to drive to school each morning, drive at least once to check traffic patterns, find the best route, and to determine how long it will take to get to work.   Learn your way around. Familiarize yourself with the building. Locate exits, principal's office,
New Teachers
Congratulations on embarking on the most challenging and rewarding career in the world. By choosing to be an educator, you have made a commitment to learning for your students and yourself. A love of learning is at the core of why we became teachers. We care about the students and the future that th
New Teachers Working with Parents
Even after many years of teaching, many teachers still get a little nervous when a parent calls to say that he/she wants to meet with the teacher. Do not let this nervous feeling bother you because dealing with parents can become one of the more positive aspects of the teaching profession. The key
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