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Georgia should step up to plate on heels of U.S. Supreme Court decision
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 June 27, 2012
ATLANTA -- "Now that President Obama's healthcare reform is the law of the land, Georgia lawmakers should now be about the business of getting our ducks in a row to ensure that all Georgians get the maximum benefit out of the legislation, especially in light of how it positively impacts our children and students," said Calvine Rollins, president of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE).
"Educators know all too well that children do not achieve at their highest level if they are experiencing health issues that prohibit them from being alert and performing at their best. Because of this ruling, over 916,000 Georgia children will no longer have to worry about lifetime limits on health benefits or pre-existing conditions," said Rollins. "That can only have positive implications for coming to school prepared to learn."

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