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GAE pleased to see fair dismissal process working
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   JUNE 28, 2012
ATLANTA � APS [Atlanta Public Schools] recently informed twelve educators implicated in a recent cheating investigation that they would be offered contracts for the coming school year and be allowed to return to work. �We are very pleased to see that fair dismissal and due process have worked to clear these educators who clearly were caught up in the mania surrounding APS� cheating investigation,� said Calvine Rollins, president of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE). �The APS investigation has served as an unfortunate and extreme, but pinpoint example of why educators require fair dismissal rights. As we have stated again and again, the majority of educators are in the profession to help children and do not condone cheating. Cheating only hurts children in the short and long term. Our initial concern was, and continues to be, that dedicated and committed educators were being unduly prosecuted. Their professional and personal lives have been devastated!In an age when we continue to address teacher shortages, we cannot afford to lose any dedicated and qualified teachers, especially to unproven accusations that either force them from the profession or leave such a foul taste in their mouths that they leave on their own volition.�
Rollins notes that even though these educators have been cleared, some continue to face separate investigations from the Professional Standards Commission (PSC) stemming from the APS� investigation. �We would hope that the PSC will take APS�s exonerations strongly into consideration and likewise dismiss their cases,� she said.

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