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those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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KNOW Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1


Trailing Behind. What happens when there is no room left for Georgia's students?
Special Education Teachers!  Are you sure you're certified? See how recent changes by the PSC could impact your certification. Find out where to go and what to do.
Re-Modeling. Find out what happens when an Atlanta GAE member and her second grade classroom get makeovers from Jones New York and Trading Spaces designer Laurie Smith.


President's Letter

Know & Tell
Read what GAE members have to say about offering cash rewards for students who inform on student crime. Check out our newest list of awards, scholarships, and grants. And find out how to join the new mailing list from the Georgia Aquarium.

Know It All
Can the central office keep your personnel file from you? Know your rights. See what is--and what isn't--legal with GAE's Legal Q&A. Read about the latest GAE legal victories. Then catch up on recent GAE events. 

People to Know
Meet ESP Barbara Shields. She joined GAE only four years ago, but she's made quite an impression working on behalf of Georgia's ESPs. Now hear what she has to say about serving on GAE's Ensuring Our Bright Future Design Team. 

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