GAE exists to support, protect, and strengthen
those who nurture Georgia’s children.

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Preparing to Take Your Place on the Frontline
As a person preparing to enter the profession… we know it's not easy, nor should it be, this calling to the teaching profession. You will soon be entrusted with the greatest gift society has to offer --our children and our future. There will be great rewards. And yes, there will be questions and pitfalls along the path. That's why there's a GAE and a GAE Student Program.
The Student Program was created by GAE to empower you-- without putting a strain on your wallet.
So, how do we empower you?
We lobby for you on the local, state, and national levels. And our resources -- from our magazine to this web site -- will keep you up to speed on salaries and certification requirements. And our test-preparation workshops might even help you score higher on your exam. Check out what we have to offer you and let us know if there's something you think your fellow student members would like to see.
Thanks for becoming a member! 


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2014 GAE Student Conference
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2016-17 GAE Student Officers
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